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Akzenta One | Latex Velvet | Oat Coated


Our new line of Oat Coated Gloves will make putting on your gloves so much easier.

They are coated with a special formula made of powdered oats which creates a protecting layer between the skin and the glove material. The formula contains a variety of flavonoids, starches and oat peptides that can absorb the water and salt from sweat.

Oats can help prevent skin irritation and can remoisturize your hands. Our “Latex | Oat Coated” Gloves are especially helpful to heavy users, as they can alleviate problems with dry and itchy skin.

The state-of-the-art stretchable Latex guarantees for tear-resistance while ensuring excellent tactile sensitivity.

The Oats we use are 100% natural and are chosen for its low hypoallergenic properties.


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