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Top Touch | Latex | Swiss Edition | Extra Sensitive

Light Beige

This powder-free glove has a very good fit, is soft and easy to put on and to take off. Its textured surface ensures an excellent grip and a better sense of touch. The Top Touch | Latex | Swiss Edition | Extra Sensitive is made of hygienic raw material, free of thiuram, plasticisers, animal tissue and any other biological substances. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly after use. It is supplied in an attractive packaging.


XS, S, M, L


  • Light Beige

Consumable units

100 Pieces | Dispenser; 10 Dispensers | Carton

Sales units



AQL 1.5 EN 450 EN 455

Product variants

Download Product Pictures (300DPI)

Article NumberSizeColorPCS | DispenserDispensers | CartonCarton Size | cmCarton Weight | kgCartons | PalletCartons | LayerLayers | PalletPallet Size | cmPallet Weight | kg
LATX7-AZ-XS XSLight Beige1001025 x 34 x 255.6639780 x 120 x 190372
LATX7-AZ-S SLight Beige1001025 x 34 x 256639780 x 120 x 190398
LATX7-AZ-MMLight Beige1001025 x 34 x 256.4639780 x 120 x 190423
LATX7-AZ-LLLight Beige1001025 x 34 x 256.8639780 x 120 x 190448

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