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SMILY Edition | Patient Towels


We designed our SMILY Edition to offer disposables that suit our youngest patients needs. We know how stressful visits to the dentist can be for them.

We firmly believe, that this doesn’t have to be and that our SMILY products can help create a more joyful and kid-friendly environment.

Our SMILY Edition Patient Towels are made in a two-layered process: 1-ply extra-strong premium cellulose (26 g/m²) for water absorption on the front and 1-ply of impermeable Polyethylene-foil (8 g/m²) for protection on the back.


33 x 37 cm


  • Orange
  • Yellow

Consumable units

500 Pieces | Carton

Sales units


Product variants

Download Product Pictures (300DPI)

Article NumberSize | cmColors Pcs | CartonCarton Size | cmCarton Weight | kgCartons | PalletCartons | LayerLayers | PalletPallet Size | cmPallet Weight | kg
PATGW01-AKZ-SY-C3633 x 37Yellow50038.5 x 34.5 x 132.659661680 x 120 x 228270
PATGW01-AKZ-SO-C3633 x 37Orange50038.5 x 34.5 x 132.659661680 x 120 x 228270

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