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Pressing and shaking the TOP FROST bag initiates an internal reaction between the water bubble and the azotic salt compound. As result, an endothermic reaction is created dropping the temperature down to –5°C.

External bag made of non-woven fabric with a triple heat sealing to guarantee the highest resistance, cold storage and impermeability. The non-woven fabric protects hypersensitive zones of excessive sensations of the coldness. Patent protected.

Mixture of azotic salt according to EU-norm CE 1907/2006


135 x 180 mm


  • White

Consumable units

1 Bag

Sales units

10 Bags | Carton - 25 Bags | Carton

Product variants

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Article NumberFormat|cmBags|CartonCarton Size|cmCarton Weight|KgCartons|LayerLayers|PalletCartons|PalletPallet Size|cmPallet Weight|Kg
FROBA02-AKZ-ST-C0713.5 x 181029 x 18.5 x 153.0016812880 x 120 x 135404
FROAA02-AKZ-ST-C0713.5 x 182538 x 25 x 15.67.30998180 x 120 x 155611.3

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